WRaP March 2015 Newsletter

This newsletter is full of great strategies and information about FASD.

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March 2015 WRaP Newsletter

The NW FASD Network was mentioned in this newsletter. We were happy to be able to send Elaine Rederburg, a Success Coach in High Prairie and a member of the NW FASD Leadership team, to the 2015 International Conference on FASD in Vancouver.


Interesting research around smoking during pregnancy

While not related to alcohol consumption this is an important message about overall health during pregnancy.

A U.K research team out of Durham University used 4D scans to show how a fetus reacted when their mother smoked. The results are quite interesting.

Click the link to read the entire article and the full results of the research:




The International Charter on Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


The International Charter on Prevention of FASD has been published in The Lancet Global Health, one of the world’s most influential public-health journals.  The Charter – also known as the “Edmonton Charter” – was endorsed at the First International Conference on Prevention of FASD in September 2013.The Edmonton Charter was drafted by senior staff of the Institute of Health Economics, and reviewed and approved by a committee of global leaders in FASD and alcohol policy chaired by Dr. Kenneth Warren, Acting Director of the U.S National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The Charter summarizes the latest evidence presented at the conference, and calls for urgent global action to address the public health crisis of FASD.

Jonsson E, Salmon A, Warren KR. The international charter on prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Lancet Glob Health 2014 March 1;2(3):e135-e137




To down a copy of the charter you can visit the Institute of Health Economics Website:





Pregnancy Test Dispensers In Washroom

An interesting study in the Yukon around prevention of FASD.

Pregnancy test dispensers to be installed in two Whitehorse washrooms

Dispensers will be in women’s washrooms for study on reducing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder

CBC NewsPosted: Mar 02, 2015 8:45 AM CT Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015 8:45 AM CT

Pregnancy tests will soon be available in two women’s washrooms in Whitehorse as part of a study on reducing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, says Mike McCann, the outgoing executive director of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon.

FASSY is funding the Whitehorse portion of the project, which is part of a two-year study led by the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Pregnancy test dispenser

Pregnancy test dispensers similar to this one will be placed in two Whitehorse women’s washrooms before the end of March. (CBC)

The pregnancy test dispensers and more traditional posters aimed at awareness will have bar codes that can be scanned with a smartphone, says McCann.

“That will take you to a web page that allows…

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