Why is anyone arguing it’s OK to drink while pregnant?

Science Around You

I’ve been trying all week to write something about slightly concerning news published regarding a study of New Zealand (and other countries) women’s drinking habits during pregnancy. There were lots of facts and figures and kind of boring stuff and I just wasn’t digging it. Until I found this opinion piece from the NZ Herald. The headline says “Comment: ‘Pregnancy police’ back off,” and the page header online says “What’s the problem with drinking (moderately) while pregnant?” Are we seriously still arguing this? Alright, budding neuroscientist in the house – bring it on.

This topic seems to create loads of argument along the ‘personal choice’ and ‘none of my business’ lines. But actually, given the lifelong implications of drinking during pregnancy I do think it’s my business. In fact, it literally is my “business” as a neuroscientist. Disorders arising from fetal alcohol exposure are easily preventable, cause lifelong brain damage…

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