Is it reasonable to expect your partner to give up drinking in pregnancy?

Writer: Jo Hartley

From the moment that I fell pregnant with my son, I realised just how much my life had already started to change.

portrait-of-happy-pregnant-woman-with-man-lying-in-bed-1In growing a little human, I became super aware of the right and wrong foods to eat, was conscious about getting enough rest, and was extra vigilant about staying away from alcohol.

But I am not going to lie. That last sacrifice was really difficult.

In the first few months I didn’t really feel like drinking, so that was easy enough. But after the queasiness passed, I missed my regular wine, and being at a party with an orange juice in hand wore thin pretty quick.

What also didn’t help was that my husband continued to drink regularly. In fact, if anything, he often drank more, as now he had an inbuilt designated driver for all social events.

I found it really frustrating and actually…

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