Binge drinking by young women raises future health risks

binge-drinking-alcohol-bar-tequila Reports suggest the percentage of young women binge drinking is approaching nearly one in four Canadian women between 20 and 34. (Vitalii Tiagunov/Shutterstock)

Episodes of heavy alcohol use could increase susceptibility to stroke, cancer

By Janet Davison, CBC NewsPosted: Aug 10, 2015 5:00 AM ET

Maddy Huggins would binge drink as a teenager and black out, just like other kids at her high school in Kelowna, B.C.

When she went backpacking during her gap year, there were more alcoholic overloads and “really risky” moments when something bad could have transpired.

“Nothing too terrible happened, but there was the potential for that,” says Huggins, 22, who’s just about to start fourth year at the University of Saskatchewan.

As she settled into university, however, Huggins did some serious thinking about alcohol in her life.

“It was just a gradual progression where I was like, ‘OK, enough of this.'”

These days, Huggins knows…

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