What Women Need To Know: Common Questions

MOFAS has provided some great information on what women need to know in regards to alcohol and pregnancy, have a read!MOFAS_Logo_PMS+K1

What Women Need to Know

Have you heard conflicting messages about alcohol use during pregnancy? Here are answers to commonly asked questions about drinking during pregnancy and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Common Questions:

What’s safe?
To date, there is no research that has conclusively proven there is a safe amount of alcohol that a woman can consume during pregnancy.

Can I drink while breastfeeding?
Research shows that alcohol in the milk can harm a child’s development, sleep, and learning.  For this reason, breastfeeding women should be very cautious about drinking alcohol, if they choose to drink at all.

I drank before I knew I was pregnant. Now what?
First, don’t panic!  The best thing to do is stop drinking alcohol as soon as you find out you…

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