Women and Addiction: The silent victims

MONTRÉAL, Nov. 16 2015 /CNW Telbec/ – During National Addictions Awareness Week, which runs from November 15 to 21, Portage is putting the spotlight on the challenges that women face with regards to getting help with drug addiction.

Many women who suffer from drug or alcohol dependency have been victims of abuse, violence, or unhealthy relationships and their drug use is often closely tied with these struggles. Women, and more particularly mothers, face discrimination, prejudice, and stigmatisation with regards to their drug problems, and often hesitate to ask for help as a consequence.


The UN World Drug Report 2015 states the unfortunate reality that although one in three drug users are women, they represent only one in five people in drug treatment.

In addition to a general lack of appropriate rehabilitation services for women, poverty, prostitution, violence, stigma, and, in some cases, the fear of losing custody…

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