Help for the Holidays: Surviving Stress During Pregnancy

Great tips for pregnant woman over the holidays!

Help for the Holidays: Surviving Stress During Pregnancy

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By Neely Cessac, Teratogen Information Specialist, MotherToBaby

The holidays are full of family, fun, and enjoyment – and the season is wonderful EVERY, SINGLE, DAY, right?! WRONG. Every year many pregnant women (as well as the general public) become so stressed and worried around this time. And rightly so…not only do pregnant moms have regular holiday stress, but they’ll soon become moms! M-O-M-S! Holy cow. An overwhelming concept, to say the least, especially with everyone telling you what you can (or should) do and what you can’t (or shouldn’t) do during pregnancy. As a birth defects information specialist, I’m starting to get a ton of questions surrounding stress from moms-to-be. I can relate…and I’m not even pregnant yet!

I always want everything to be perfect, from clean floors and ceiling fans, to wonderfully wrapped presents and delicious…

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Register now for the December 4th FASD Webcast

Register now for the December 4, FASD Webcast

Join us for this free, one-hour webcast titled: FASD and Homelessness

Individuals with FASD may be vulnerable to homelessness, and homeless individuals with FASD may be extremely vulnerable.

Tune in to hear about current research and best practices around the subject of FASD and Homelessness. You will also be able to pose your questions to the presenter via our live chat.

AGENDA: Date:   Friday December 4, 2015

Time:   9:00 am – 10:30 am

Speaker:   Dr. Dorothy Badry, PhD, RSW

Register:   http://albertalearningseries.com/fasd-and-homelessness.html

Cost:   FREE! Please share with your networks

Format:   Live webcast presentations with Q & A

Q & A:   You can pose questions to the speaker through live chat

SPEAKER: Dorothy Badry, PhD, RSW, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Work (FSW), University of Calgary (U of C). As the co-lead of the Education and Training Council of the Alberta FASD Cross Ministry, Dorothy is actively engaged in developing educational opportunities from the front line to post-secondary education on FASD. Dorothy is a member of the Canada FASD Research Network Action Team on Women’s Health. She also developed and teaches an online course on FASD and Child Welfare Practice to social work students each summer.