Government of Alberta- FASD and Homelessness Video

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Homelessness

On December 4th the Government of Alberta’s Learning Series webcast was on FASD and Homelessness. It was an interesting webinar for anyone who was able to tune in. If you were not able to watch it live you can now find it posted on YouTube.

The webcast is now available on YouTube.

PREVIOUS WEBCASTS NOW ONLINE! You can also watch previous webcasts on the FASD website

ABOUT THE FASD STRATEGY & WEBCASTS The FASD Learning Series helps individuals, caregivers, front-line workers and professionals learn more about FASD, and how to support persons with FASD. The webcast and video-conference educational sessions cover a broad range of topics and are accessible to all Albertans.  Alberta’s FASD 10-Year Strategic Plan outlines the government’s commitment to provide awareness and prevention of FASD, as well as assessment, diagnosis, and supports for individuals with FASD and their caregivers. All services and activities are built on a foundation of stakeholder engagement.