Misbeliefs and FASD


The FASD Network of Saskatchewan is sharing some misconceptions about FASD. Help spread awareness by sharing the facts with the people you know!

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder continues to be a disability that is not well-known. Despite being identified as a diagnosis for decades there continues to be contradicting information distributed to the public resulting in associated stigmas and misconceptions.

Through years of service the FASD Network of Saskatchewan has identified several false beliefs about FASD.

  • Belief:All people who have FASD have below-average IQ. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Some individuals may have below-average IQ, some have average or above-average IQ. Each individual is affected uniquely.
  • Belief: Individuals with FASD will outgrow their difficulties. THIS IS NOT TRUE. FASD is a lifelong disability.
  • Belief:The behaviour problems of an individual with FASD happen because of bad parenting. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The primary disabilities that accompany…

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