Anxiety & FASD

Each time I come across posts by @FASD-Dad and @FASD-Mum, I find myself nodding with agreement to each and every sentence.  They write about things I have seen other parents parenting with FASD talk about yet, the rest of us are not willing to accept these kiddos for what they are. Their anxiety, fear, and meltdowns are not anywhere near that of a “normal” child.

Source: https://fasdlearningwithhope.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/anxiety/


By @FASD_Dad

Anxiety. We all get anxious about things. We’re late for an appointment. Can we afford to get a repair on the car done?  Does that girl I like like me too?  (Turns out she does and in a long and roundabout way that led to this blog.)

That anxiety is real, but compared to the anxiety our son feels, every day, all the time, about everything, our anxiety is trivial.

Our son is a boiling kettle of anxiety, says the…

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