CanFASD is looking for volunteers! We want to hear from adults with FASD about their successes at work

CanFASD is doing a study with the University of Alberta to look at employment successes of adults with FASD.

There are two parts to the study:

  1. A short survey. This can be completed on the phone, online, or on paper.
  2. A video. We will be taking short clips of people talking about their successes at work. This part of the study is optional.

Are you coming to the International Conference on FASD in Vancouver this March? 

CanFASD and he U of A are hoping to find volunteers to complete the study at the conference. They welcome service providers, caregivers, and adults with FASD to visit Dr. Jacqueline Pei or Dr. Katy Flannigan at the CanFASD conference booth for more information. You can also contact Katy (katy.flannigan@canfasd.ca) any time if you have questions before the conference. Hope to see you there!

Another post will be up soon with information about how to do the study if you…

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