Participants wanted for a group interview study about FASD!

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Participants wanted for a group interview study about FASD!

 We want to talk to you about your experiences with FASD. In particular, we want to hear your thoughts and feelings about examples of Canadian FASD media coverage, to think about how to communicate effectively in the future. Your perspective is invaluable for understanding FASD.

Who can participate?

We want to include key stakeholders, like: 1) adults with FASD; 2) parents of and caregivers for people with FASD; 3) healthcare professionals with experience diagnosing or caring for patients with FASD; and 4) FASD communicators (e.g., journalists, public health official). We are almost done the interviews, so we are only looking for adults with FASD and biological moms right now.

What does the study look like?

This study will involve participation in a 90-minute group interview in English. Each group interview will only include one stakeholder group (e.g., only adults with…

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