The importance of dads

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The father’s role in producing a healthy baby doesn’t begin and end with conception.

Evidence is now pointing to an important link between the father’s health pre-conception and the health of their child over their lifetime.

“There’s this phenomenon called the developmental origins of health and disease where influences during early life, during pregnancy, during the early post-natal period change your metabolic set up for the rest of your life,” Dr Scott White, WA spokesman for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said.

“Babies born after a period of inter-uterine hostility — where they are a bit smaller than they want to be, their placenta is not fantastic, they are a bit growth restricted — are at significantly increased risk for diabetes and heart disease and some cancers and all sorts of ‘badness’ in later life.

“Traditionally the effect of that was…

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CanFASD Offers Online Training

Reminder: We’re looking for more adults to participate in our study about employment success in FASD. The ad and study information is in this post. Here is the study link for quick access:


The adolescent self-regulation study in Edmonton and Vancouver is also still recruiting. Please see this post for the ads and more details.

CanFASD Multidisciplinary Team Training for Diagnosis of FASD: An Online Curriculum

We’re spreading the word about the CanFASD online training curriculum. Have any readers taken the training? We’d love for you to leave a comment sharing your experience! Find more information about the training here: https://estore.canfasd.ca/

What is the training for? 

The curriculum was designed to assist professionals:

  • Learn the processes and procedures of multidisciplinary FASD assessments.
  • Develop the skillset needed to be effective members of a multidisciplinary diagnostic team.

Who should take this course? 

  • The curriculum is designed for clinical and allied health professionals…

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NW FASD Network Conversation Café and FASD Caregiver Support Group

FASD Conversation Café:

The FASD Conversation Café for Professionals occurs every second Thursday of every month, at the Esquires on the East End of town (#701 – 10003 – 92 St, Grande Prairie).  It is a unique conversational environment for professionals working with those who are suspected to be living with or who are living with the affects of FASD to share their experiences, to receive support and resources, and to ask the questions they really want answered.   For more information or if you or your staff would like to be involved please email Grace Hussey, at ghussey@cityofgp.com to be added to the mailing list and sent reminders and updates.

The Prevention Facilitator is also able to come and provide free presentations on FASD to you and your staff.  You can email me at the address above or call me directly to set a date and time at 780-357-7503.

FASD Caregiver Support Group:

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