Update: FASD and the Justice System

Dr. Michelle Stewart, Strategic Research Lead for Justice Interventions with CanFASD, has had a busy start to the year! As an applied researcher, Dr. Stewart is actively engaged in local FASD initiatives focused on bringing about better justice outcomes for individuals with FASD. As a part of this work, and alongside the Canada Northwest FASD Partnership (CNFASDP), Dr. Stewart hosted a national symposium on February 22nd and 23rd 2017. The symposium, entitled “FASD, Justice & Reconciliation: Tough Questions, New Collaborations” brought together policy-makers, researchers, front-line workers, and family members from across Canada to discuss FASD and justice in conversation with the recently released Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action.

TRC Calls to Action #33 and #34 focus specifically on FASD within the justice system. Dr. Stewart took these Calls to Action as an opportunity to think differently about FASD and justice. The symposium, hosted in Regina…

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