A practical guide to pregnancy and being a parent: Having Mixed Emotions

wh_ts80379412Pregnancy is a time of change, both physically and emotionally. Whether or not this has been a planned pregnancy, you might be having mixed feelings.

Many parents have times of great joy, anticipation and excitement about meeting their baby, but many can also feel sad and worried. There are several possible causes for these changing emotions: tiredness, changes in hormones, worries about pregnancy and birth, and other kinds of stress. Some of these feelings can be caused by the normal physical and hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Others are caused by changes to your life and relationships that come with pregnancy and becoming a parent.

When you’re stressed, your baby’s environment is stressed too. Learning ways to cope with stress in pregnancy will help you now, and will also build coping skills for the normal, every day stresses of parenting.

To cope with stress and changing emotions you…

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