The Christmas Season Is Coming: Plan Your Mocktails Now!


Do you want to cut down on how much alcohol you’re drinking in the run up to Christmas or find creative non-alcoholic drinks for women planning pregnancies, or women who are pregnant?  You’re not alone, but with so many Christmas cocktails and drinks on the shelves it can seem hard to find another option.

Making your own Christmas mocktails is a great alternative to alcohol that will keep you feeling festive and healthier in the run up to the big day. So we thought we’d share some of our favourites for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re organising a reduced alcohol dinner party or simply trying to cut down over the festive season, you’ll find tasty, refreshing and comforting options here.

Orange & Cranberry Spritz

Orange and cranberry are flavours made for the festive season and you’ll be glad to hear that mocktail-making doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply pour…

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