In The News: ‘Dry January’ participants report weight loss, better sleep, more energy

o-WOMEN-TALKING-ON-COUCH-New U.K. research has found that taking part in Dry January, which involves staying away from alcohol for a month, could help people lose weight, sleep better, boost energy, save money, and reduce drinking long-term.

Carried out by the University of Sussex, the new study surveyed U.K. adults who took part in Dry January in 2018, an event which is organized by the charity Alcohol Change UK.

The first survey questioned 2,821 people who had registered for Dry January; the second questioned 1,715 in the first week of February; and the final survey included 816 participants in August.

The findings showed that those who take part in Dry January also report drinking less months later, with alcohol consumption also lower in August.

Participants also reported drinking on fewer days, with the average number of drinking days falling on average from 4.3 to 3.3 per week. The units consumed per drinking…

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