CBC: 10 years sober: Cree woman shares impacts of alcohol in viral video

Some of Carol-Ann Tanoush’s earliest memories of growing up in northern Quebec revolve around alcohol.

“[It was] loud music, screaming drunks. Arguing.  And I was feeling scared,” said Tanoush, sharing memories of life as a five- or six-year-old in the small Cree community of Nemaska, about 1,100 kilometres north of Montreal.

On Jan. 7, to mark the 10th anniversary of her own sobriety, the 27-year-old mother of two posted an emotional video to social media.

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Tanoush shared the impacts of alcohol on her childhood and how she chose a better life for her children — her son Sebastien, six, and daughter Ava, one and a half.

“It left a deep cut in my heart,” Tanoush writes in her video. “I cried a lot when no one was there. [I] felt alone. Always abandoned.”

Chaotic childhood

In an interview, Tanoush describes a chaotic scene growing up where she and her older sister…

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