Bring The Rain- Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement fundraising event

This 2-day event is aimed to raise funds to alleviate the devastating loss of 15 homes in Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement due to wildfires out of control in northern Alberta.

Losing a home to a fire is hard for many to understand, especially if you never felt this loss personally.

But we all know our home is valuable! a home is where you create your memories, hang your favorite photo’s, measure your child growth, keep the old family heirlooms, keep your most prized possessions… it’s your sanctuary – your safe zone.

A house is made of materials….. but HOME IS HOME

“Bring the Rain – Fire Relief” is for those who have LOST EVERYTHING to the wildfires.

For the moms, the dads, the grandparents, & the children who never see their home again and will have to rebuild – once they are allowed back into their small community.

Compassion is an action! and this event is for people to come together and show their support.

Let’s help to rebuild those 15 homes that were tragically lost.

Shower them with kindness.

Bring the Rain

Bring the love.


Event page https://www.facebook.com/events/2452416991669573/