Board of Directors

The Northwest Peace FASD  Governance Board

The Northwest Peace FASD Network (Society) is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of representatives from a variety of  organizations. The Board oversees and guides the FASD initiative on a network level, and ensures that services and activities funded by the network are aligned with provincial standards and strategic outcomes. 

Membership of the Board includes representatives from the following organizations, service areas or populations:

Voting Members

Alberta Supports, Care Human Services, The City of Grande Prairie ( CSD) , Wapiti House, Children and Family services, YMCA of Northern Alberta,  PDD services ( Hearth Social Profit Company) & Community Stakeholders. 

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members:

The Network Executive Director, The FASD Program Support, Operations and Administration Coordinator. 

As of October 1st, 2018 the NW Peace FASD Network  became a Society.

We are located at Junction Point – #204, 9805,97 Street – 2nd floor above the Junction Point Lab.

 Our Governance Board meets quarterly to hear about upcoming projects and service throughout the Northwest.  The Board also takes part in Annual Strategic Planning and Policy Development. 

Ongoing thanks to the our Governance Board for supporting us in providing  Service to the Northwest Region.   Your time and devotion to FASD is appreciated. 

2 thoughts on “Board of Directors”

  1. Are any of your webcasts available on a DVD…I am most interested in two that I have not/cannot participate in: 1/20/2016 – Supportive Housing for people with FASD (Jan 20, 2016)
    and the FASD and Justice Webcast on March 11, 2016.

    Thank you for your work.

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