Lakeland Centre for FASD: Mocktail party

An interesting option for the upcoming holiday party season that Lakeland Centre for FASD is providing.

Mocktail party

By Peter Lozinski, Cold Lake Sun

1297606737472_ORIGINALThe Lakeland Centre for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (LCFASD) is offering a unique service this holiday season.

The LCFASD is bringing mocktail service to company parties and other events throughout the Lakeland to promote options other than alcohol.

The centre will provide a mocktail bar of great tasting non-alcoholic drinks available to guests.

“I think it’s important to show people there is another option and to promote healthy pregnancies,” said Nicole Parisian of the LCFASD.

The centre has offered the program in the past, but looks to bring the service to more events this year.

“It’s something we do extra on top of everything else we do,” Parisian said.

The cost for events with under 50 people is $150, for groups of 50-100 people is $250, for 100-250 is $350, and for 250 plus…

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What Women Need To Know: Common Questions

MOFAS has provided some great information on what women need to know in regards to alcohol and pregnancy, have a read!MOFAS_Logo_PMS+K1

What Women Need to Know

Have you heard conflicting messages about alcohol use during pregnancy? Here are answers to commonly asked questions about drinking during pregnancy and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Common Questions:

What’s safe?
To date, there is no research that has conclusively proven there is a safe amount of alcohol that a woman can consume during pregnancy.

Can I drink while breastfeeding?
Research shows that alcohol in the milk can harm a child’s development, sleep, and learning.  For this reason, breastfeeding women should be very cautious about drinking alcohol, if they choose to drink at all.

I drank before I knew I was pregnant. Now what?
First, don’t panic!  The best thing to do is stop drinking alcohol as soon as you find out you…

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New iNAT FASD Intervention Newsletter Coming this Week- Subscribe now!

FASD Interventions Across the Lifespan

For those of you who are not yet subscribers to our iNAT e-newsletter on FASD Interventions, subscribe now to receive the upcoming Fall 2015 edition. The iNAT e-newsletter focuses on research, news, events, organizations and individual stories pertaining to FASD intervention. This edition will feature research findings from the CanFASD/University of Alberta Caregiver Needs project, as well as a story about an Ontario school that has been in the news regarding its program for youth with FASD, and more.

To access previous copies of the newsletter, visit the iNAT page on the CanFASD website.

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New Website on FASD Prevention: Here For Her

Have you seen it, the ‘Here For Her’ website?

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.25.48 PM Just Click!

Why Are We Doing This?


Although most women know that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can harm their developing baby, some women continue to engage in drinking while pregnant. While there are many reasons why expectant mothers may engage in drinking while pregnant, no women drink to intentionally harm their baby. When they drink, it’s for other reasons – a lack of personal or social supports, addiction or any of the other stressors that come with the new responsibility of motherhood.

Women who are most at risk of having a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder(FASD) often describe drinking as a way to cope. They need support from friends, family, the larger community, health care providers and others to address…

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Reminder- FASD Caregiver Support Group in Grande Prairie

Just a reminder that the new FASD Caregiver Support Group is starting tomorrow!

Below are copies of the Poster and Registration form (just simply call or email to register).  The Group will run every second Tuesday starting on October 20th (from 1:00 to 2:30 pm) until the end of January.

This will be a positive-focused group available for all caregivers of individuals who are diagnosed or suspected of being affected by FASD (no matter the age).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call!

FASD Caregiver Support Group poster (002)

FASD Caregiver Support Group registration (002)



More online learning opportunities for professionals


Understanding the medical and disability implications of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is essential for getting to know students with FASD, planning effective instruction and providing the right level of classroom support.

Developed by Dr. Jacqueline Pei and her colleagues, Stephanie Hayes and Alethea Heudes, this PD resource provides an explanation of FASD, its effect on the brain and the impact it can have on student learning, social/emotional behaviour and the classroom environment. Strategies for designing classroom instruction and routines to support students with FASD are also highlighted.

Each of the videos and accompanying learning guides are organized as modules and focus on the following:

  • Module One: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and the Developing Brain
  • Module Two: Brain Structure Versus Brain Function
  • Module Three: The Brain and Emotional Regulation

These modules can be used by any person or staff wanting to understand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.23.23 PM Just click!

Please visit: 

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Online module links for AHS and non-AHS service providers

The first module from the Trauma Informed Care Education and Training Project is now available externally! The module: What is Trauma Informed Care? Is now accessible to non-AHS service providers (see below). Please help us spread the word by sending this announcement to your contacts.

This is the introductory learning module in the Trauma Informed Care online learning series. The content is intended for all service providers, regardless of their role. In this module, learners will be introduced to key concepts and practices of Trauma Informed Care. The purpose of this learning opportunity is to increase knowledge about psychological trauma and improve practice to be more trauma informed and patient/client centered.

click link below

Training for Non AHS Service Providers

Please note that this module can be completed by anyone.

A certificate of completion can be printed at the end of the module once all four learning checks have been…

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Reality check: Does making booze harder to buy make people safer?


Ontario’s announcement this week that it plans to sell certain kinds of beer in select grocery stores starting three months from now came as good news to some, but it also raised public health alarm bells.

Groups including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and theCanadian Centre for Substance Abuse are calling on the province to adopt a provincial “alcohol strategy,” slow down its liberalization of alcohol retail regulations — and maybe change tack altogether.

“From a public health perspective, a move in this direction really is heading down the wrong road,” says Wayne Skinner, CAMH’s Deputy Clinical Director of Addiction.

Does greater access to alcohol mean greater likelihood of abuse and harms resulting from its consumption?

It’s complicated.

Canada’s patchwork of provincial liquor laws makes it difficult to measure. The country’s been inching toward liberalization — from the…

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International FASD Awareness Day

Today is International FASD Day. The 9th day of the 9th month reminds us that there is no safe amount, no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy…..no shame, no blame! Please take time today to remember those living with FASD.

Thank you for all of those who joined us this morning for our Pancake breakfast. It was great to see such an awesome turnout.