The Prevention Conversation: An online curriculum

The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility Project

cropped-letstalk3-1.jpgcropped-letstalk1-121.jpgThe Prevention Conversation is an online training program for front-line health and social services professionals to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to engage their clients/patients in a supportive and non-judgmental conversation about alcohol use during pregnancy, its lasting effects on the developing child, and resources and supports available to women of childbearing age.

This course discusses FASD prevention by providing information about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy as well as considerations to support women in a way that promotes healthy relationships with professionals and promotes safety and health in all facets of their lives.

By completing this training course, facilitators will:

  • Have an understanding of the FASD Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility program; it’s history and evolution;
  • Understand the complex reasons why a woman may drink when pregnant and have the tools to support conversations with pregnant women;
  • Be able to apply and tailor the…

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FASD Community Resource Advocate

The Northwest FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)  Network is seeking a talented and passionate Community FASD Resource Advocate in the Northwest Region.  This position will play a crucial role in providing information, referrals and access to services for clients who have been diagnosed or are suspected of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD.) The Resource Advocate is responsible for disseminating information regarding training and research via email lists and online programs. Based in Grande Prairie, this role offers supports throughout the Northwest region including the areas of High Prairie, Peace River and Grande Cache. 

This position is a temporary contract (June 4th – March 31st, 2019) with chance of renewal on annual basis depending on provincial funding.

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Resource: Is there a baby in your future? Plan for it.

The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility Project

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.19.43 AMClick to download

You plan for school, work, holidays and even your retirement. What about your baby? Parenting begins long before your baby is conceived.

Babies begin to develop even before women know they are pregnant. This means that the time to prepare for your baby’s health is before you even get pregnant.

There are things that both men and women can do to improve the health of their future children. A baby can change your life. But are you ready?

Making decisions about pregnancy can be challenging. Whether you are alone or with a partner, this workbook will serve as a guide to one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Click to download full workbook: AHS-Reproductive-Life-Plan-FINAL

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CanFASD: FASD Prevention Resources

The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility Project


The Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network, with collaborators, researchers and partners across the nation. It is Canada’s first comprehensive national Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) research network. It started as an alliance of seven jurisdictions and operated for seven years as the Canada Northwest FASD Research Network.

In their work, CanFASD has pulled together a comprehensive list of FASD prevention resources and publications. These include:

Publications & Resources

Parent-Child Assistance Program in Alberta First Nation Communities Evaluation Report — The evaluation was undertaken to provide key information about how the Parent–Child Assistance Program (PCAP) was being implemented in order to identify areas for improvement, and to provide outcome information to stakeholders to inform decision-making regarding ongoing implementation of PCAP in First Nation communities.

Health Care Students’ Attitudes About Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy: Responses to Narrative Vignettes — This article explores…

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