For resources/supports specific to your area or region, please contact the Network 

Lending Library

Contact us to borrow:

  • “Trying Differently Rather Than Harder” by Diane Malbin
  • “Damaged Angels, A mother discovers the terrible cost of alcohol during pregnancy” by Bonnie Buxton
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Across the Lifespan DVD. Myles Himmerlreich shares his personal experience of what his journey has been growing p and what he needs in order to have success today.
  • “Travels in Circles” c.d. for your child between 18-22 years of age.
  • “The Little Fox” c.d. for your child between birth and five years of age.


For more information on FASD, follow the link to view current and past Learning Series webcasts. You may also register for future events as they become available.

On the CMC website homepage (, you can click on the wording in the image which will take you to more information about the learning series.  To access current year registration click on ‘current’ in the left column of options and it will take you to the same page as the above link.

For resources and materials about FASD please visit the Alberta FASD Cross Ministry Committee website.

Canada Northwest FASD Partnership – The Partnership is an alliance of seven jurisdictions that works towards the development and promotion of an interprovincial/territorial approach to prevention, intervention, care and support of individuals affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. CanFASD Northwest Blog

The Asante Center for FASD –  Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Governed by the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society for British Columbia, the center offers diagnostic, assessment and family support services, based on a multidisciplinary team approach, for children, youth and adults affected by FASD. The website is dedicated to providing up-to-date resources in the field of FASD.

FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan –  FASD Tip sheets, resources, links and list of services in Saskatchewan.– This website was developed as part of the Tri-Provincial FASD research and child welfare prevalence project funded by PHAC project with Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta led by Dr. Deb Goodman, Dr. Don Fuchs, Dr. Dorothy Badry and Dr. William Pelech. This project has been active for a number of years and the website went live January 2, 2013.

FASD: Finding Hope: Families living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), educators, and healthcare professionals share their stories and resources for hope.

2 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Hello – thanks for your reminder in sharing this powerful resource We also follow this resourceful FASD site.
    And yes we were aware of the Purple – shirt campaign associated with FASD Day. Many communities choose to acknowledge the day with different traditions. In our area, we also have t-shirts stating the theme from the New Prevention FASD project ” let’s talk about alcohol and pregnancy.”

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